Hurt and Heal Test

Welcome to [[User:AFallenPower|AFallenPower]]'s first ever official Hurt and Hurt and Hurt and Heal! In this Hurt and Hurt, we will focus 4 items were in Hurt and Hurts and that have been the first ones to be eliminated.

===Basic Rules===
*Each character starts with 125 HP.
*You may vote to decrease each individual character's HP. See Voting to know how to vote.
*If I give you a Kudo, it means your vote has been entered.
**Do not Kudo other people's messages.
====How to Vote====
*You have 6 HP you can use against characters.
*You may vote once every 2 hours.
**After 2 eliminations, this will go down to 1.
*You can only hurt characters. You cannot heal them.
====Rules when Voting====
*No swearing
*No spamming
*No irrelevant comments

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{{PortalCharacter|What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?|What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?: 125|What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?.png}}
{{PortalCharacter|Drifter|Drifter: 125|Drifter.png}}
{{PortalCharacter|List of season 7 episodes|Season 7: 125|7.jpg}}
{{PortalCharacter|Unreal Estate|Unreal Estate: 125|Unreal Estate.png}}

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