Plankton has to travel 250 meters to the Krusty Krab.

Round 1

Plane Mode: Takes 10 Potatos to be brought down, other attacks have a 25% chance of hitting. 20 Meters every day and has 75 HP.

Plankton Side

Tarter Sauce: Stuns Mr. Krabs Perks for 8 Hours. Cooldown: 1 Day

Maximum Overdrive: Makes Plankton go twice as fast for 2 days. Cooldown: 1 Day

Mr. Krabs Side

Potato Luncher: 5 HP and 1 hour cool down.

Ketchup and Mustard Machine Gun: 10 HP and 4 hour cool down.

Round 2

Tank Mode: Has 100 HP and travels 10 Meters. Gets destroyed when Mayo is used on it.

Plankton Side

Pickle Cannon: Stuns Potato Luncher Ability for 12 Hours. Cooldown: 8 Hours

Mr. Krabs Sides

Mayo: Does 25 HP and stuns Planktons perks and machine for a 8 Hours.

Round 3

Robot Mode: Has 250 HP, 5 Days of Power and travels 40 Meters a day! Every 50 less HP it has, 10 less meters he travels a day.

Critical Hit: 1/5th of a chance for a perk on any side to do 3x the damage.

Put 1-4 in a random number decider and if it gets 3, it hits.

Put 1-6 in a random number decider and if it gets 1, it becomes a critical hit.