[Scene: SpongeBob and Patrick are walking on a road]

SpongeBob: Pat! This is going to be a great experience, pat!

Patrick: Where's Gary?

SpongeBob: Well... He's taking his day off.

[Cuts to Gary watching the TV in SpongeBob's house]

[Gary laughs]

[Cuts back to where SpongeBob and Patrick are on the gate to the jail and Nat Peterson is inside a ticket booth like thing]

SpongeBob: Me as SpongeBob for my shift and Patrick as a visitor!

Nat Peterson: [In a tired voice] Get into your uniforms like always.

[Nat Peterson opens the gate and SpongeBob and Patrick goes in, Nat Peterson then picks up a pen and writes on some paper, but as he was about to write something, he fails right away to sleep]

SpongeBob: Wait, how are already in an uniform, Pat- WAIT A MINUTE, why are you in an uniform?

Patrick: Ummm... The yellow fish told to be.

SpongeBob: Patrick! You can't be in an uniform because according to [Takes a book and starts to read from it] the Bikini Bottom Jail Handbook of Guidelines and Procedures on chapter 23, section "The Uniform Guidelines" states that "that employees of the Bikini Bottom Jail must wear uniforms, due to uniforms being one of the main ways of identifying employees."

Patrick: Umm... What?

SpongeBob: It means that you can't wear an uniform. Let's get it off of you!

[SpongeBob grabs the uniform that Patrick and suddenly right before SpongeBob rips it off, Officer 1 and 2 walk in front of SpongeBob and Patrick]

Officer 1: [Whispering and talking to Officer 2] I heard that if you're mistaken as an officer here and tell your not an officer here, you could go to jail for working for a criminal, even though that your weren't working for a criminal.

Officer 2: Woah.

[SpongeBob yelps]

SpongeBob: Patrick, if you don't want go to jail, then you must become an officer!


[SpongeBob sighs]

[Epic music plays well Patrick try to do in these things to become an officer. He first tries to hit a fish dummy with a baton but instead misses and spins around until he hit him in the face. He then tries to taser a dummy fish but it just bounces off and tasers himself. He finally then tries to handcuff a dummy fish but instead somehow handcuffs himself.]

[Time Card: Later...]

[SpongeBob and Patrick are on a table eating sandwiches]

SpongeBob: Well... Patrick, I guess you'll have to embrace your stupidity-

[Suddenly an alarm is set off and officers are seen running to something]

PA: Officers of Bikini Bottom Jail, we need back up on hallway four due to our most dangerous prisoner, Reg is taking all of our officers!

Patrick: Let's go!

SpongeBob: Pat! This is your chance to shine, but do you think it’s a good idea as a rookie to try to take down Reg?

[Three beaten-up officer are seen on a stretcher being pushed by paramedics]

Officer 3: [In a weak, raspy voice] He's... strong... too... strong...

SpongeBob: Even that officer says Reg is one strong prisoner.

Patrick: Well... Ummm... I was... I will still... uhhh... go!

SpongeBob: Ummm... Okay.

Patrick: Also, do you want to go will me?

[SpongeBob's faceplams]

SpongeBob: Fine.

Patrick: Yay! Let's go now!

[SpongeBob gulps]

[Time Card: One short walk to Reg later...]

[SpongeBob and Patrick are seen walking through a hallway full of cells. The hallway is fulled with beaten up officers, some of them are on stretchers being pushed by paramedics and objects like batons, tasers and tables.]

SpongeBob: Should you be... well... scared?

Patrick: Pffff! With my training, I can do anything!

SpongeBob: You know you that you didn't do well on yo-

Patrick: Oh look! Reg! [SpongeBob notices Reg and quickly hides behind Patrick] Hi Reg!

SpongeBob: [Whispering] Patrick, that's not what you do.



Patrick: Uuuuuuummmmmm...


[Reg starts to go closer to Patrick with his hands as fists and SpongeBob gulps]

SpongeBob: I hope this less painless then Flat’s punches, which were already painless.

Patrick: Face some tables!

[Patrick throws some tables and they all hit Reg, but they instantly crumble when they hit Reg]

Patrick: Well... ummm... face... some... BATON!

[Patrick pulls out a baton and throws it, completely missing Reg. A beaten-up officer is seen starting to open his eyes, but the baton hits his head, knocking him out.]

Patrick: Well........... uhhhhhhhh........

[Reg has a hard laugh]


[Reg punches his fists together and Patrick gulps]

Patrick: Oh! Ummmmm... I... HAVE MY TASER!

[Patrick "points" it at Reg, but actually is pointing it at himself]

Reg: Oh, I hope you don't do that, punk.

Patrick: But... I will!

[Patrick shoots the taser at himself and Reg explodes in laughter, smashing the ground with his fists, causing the building to shake and officers start to come in a crowd to the scene. Two officers are then seen carrying Reg away, still laughing.]

Officer 1: Man, that officer is a dumb one.

Officer 5: Yea, with him tasing himself.

Officer 2: But he saved the jail!

Sheriff: Oh, yes he did! I shall as a reward to this officer... uhhh... What's his name?

SpongeBob: Patrick.

Sheriff: Patrick, the Officer of the Year!

[The sheriff gives Patrick a golden champion urn]

Patrick: Oh boy, I'm retiring! I finally got a golden bowl to put my ice cream in!

Officer 1: Well, that prove that he is a stupid one.

[Episode ends]