[Shows SpongeBob’s Pineapple]

[The mailman's car pulls up, then the mailman get out of the car and puts a package into the mailbox. The mailman then gets back to his car and drives away. SpongeBob then comes out of his house, get a box out of the mailbox and rips it open to reveal 2 pieces of curly metal wire that are tangled together.]

SpongeBob: Oh boy! My brain teaser puzzle! It has arrived!

[Squidward pops out of his window on his house]

Squidward: Oh boy, SpongeBrat is out.

SpongeBob: Oh hey, Squidward!

[Squidward goes back into his house and he is heard playing his clarinet. Then Patrick's rock opens out and Patrick is seen on the bottom of the rock.]

Patrick: Oh hey! Uhh... SquareBob?

[SpongeBob laughs]

SpongeBob: Pat, do you want to see my new brain teaser.

Patrick: Bob, do you remember? My brain hates being teased!

[Patrick points up to his forehead and his forehead is shown with a mouth]

Patrick's forehead: I don’t like to be teased!

[Patrick's forehead starts to cry]

SpongeBob: It's not really teasing you, it just is to exercise your brain and to have fun!

Patrick: Well can I then solve it with a side of extravagant, salty, cheesy nachos?

SpongeBob: Sure! [Gives Pat the puzzle and some nachos]

Patrick: Yay!

[Bubble transition]

[Pat is at his house with SpongeBob trying to the puzzle]

Patrick: SpongeBob, this is rigged like the Toy Cane! Mmm... Sugar canes... Anyway, I can't pull it apart!

SpongeBob: Well, that's when thinking comes into play! You to solve this is to think.

[The word "think" starts to echo in Patrick's mind]

Patrick: Umm... Ink. [Pat gets an idea] I can use brain tools!

SpongeBob: There are no such thing as "brain tools."

Patrick: Now there are such thing! [Sponge sighs]

[Bubble transition]

[Rick is seen dumping a handful of sand and a tool on a pile of the same composition]

Patrick: And that's all of my brain tools!

SpongeBob: That's just a pile of—

Patrick: Brain tools! [SpongeBob sighs] Now to use the first tool in line!

[Patrick picks up the puzzle off the floor and puts it on a chair. Pat then takes a handful of sand from the pile and throws it at the puzzle, a cloud of sand covers the two of them as they cough in it. The cloud then goes away and the puzzle is still there, Pat sighs in disappointment.]

Patrick: How about some hammering!

[He hits the puzzle with a hammer several times, but nothing happens]

SpongeBob: You know what we need? Some help!

Patrick: Kelp? We for sure need some kelp!

[He gets out of his house, with SpongeBob and he goes to Squidward's house]


[Squidward gets out of a window on his house]

Squidward: WHAT?!?!


Squidward: Hmmmmmm.... How about a... NO!

[Squidward closes the clarinet and he is heard playing a clarinet]

Patick: Aww...

SpongeBob: It is okay Pat, s-

Patrick: Oh! I know what to do!

[He gets out a chainsaw, turns it on and contact it with the puzzle, but it quickly explodes, covering Patrick in ash]

Patrick: This calls for better and better-er measures!

[He goes off-screen and SpongeBob sighs]

[Bubble transition]

Patrick: Here goes nothing!

[Pat with a lit match lights a fuse which goes to a pack of dynamite which is attached to the puzzle. Then there is an explosion, then Patrick goes out to the crater and sees that the puzzle is still there.]

Patrick: Aw, barnacles! I didn't know we had to go this far...

[The screen switches to inside of the Chum Bucket. Plankton and Spot are seen walk on the floor. Plankton then is seen shocked.]

Plankton: What the? But my Death Ray That Can Disintegrate Anything shouldn't be gone!

Karen: [off-screen] Well, you don't really keep track of any of your inventions.

Plankton: Good point.

[The screen goes back to Patrick, who is pushing the death ray]

Patrick: With this machine, this unsolvable puzzle with be solved no matter what!

[He points it to the puzzle, turns it on and sets it to maximum power. The ray explodes and a live-action explosion is shown. Patrick is then seen on the floor.]

Patrick: Did it work?

[SpongeBob points to the puzzle]

Patrick: AW, BARNACLES!!

[He picks up the puzzle]

Patrick: I will bring you to the smartest pants in the ocean!

[He goes to Sandy's Treedome, with SpongeBob following. When he gets in, he grabs a ray gun and shoots it at the puzzle.]

Sandy: Woah, Pat! Don't! Stop!

[He drops the ray gun]

Patrick: Oh.

SpongeBob: Sandy, he wants to solve the puzzle.

Patrick: Um, yea.

Sandy: [She takes the puzzle and examines it] Hmmm, it seems to be a level "Z minus," which means it is the easier of all.

Patrick: Oh! Let me try! [He tries to pull it apart]

Sandy: No, no, no. You got to slowly pull it apart in a way. Just think.

[The word "think" starts to echo in his mind. In his brain, the gears start to turn. He starts to carefully move the puzzle until it is in two.]

Patrick: Wait, did I brake it?

Sandy: No, no. You solved it!

Patrick and SpongeBob: Yay!

Sandy: Pat, if you want to get to "A Plus Plus" Level, I have all of the puzzles in this pile!

[A pile of puzzles are seen]

Patrick: Oh...